Our Aim:

  • At the heart of the Tree of Eternal Life is the desire to help more people take the next step towards a healthier lifestyle and conscious consumption. We always take time to listen to any and all health concerns to provide knowledgeable advice and solutions to you and your family!

  • We strive to provide each one of our customers “a natural way to wellness”. Offering genuine hospitality and friendly customer service, alongside a wide selection of high-quality health products, has enabled us to do so. Our vast inventory includes but is not limited to: hygiene products, apparel, jewelry, soaps, lotions, teas, snacks, supplements, vitamins, and even more!

    • The Tree of Eternal Life represents health, wellness, and longevity. The growing demand for accessible, local, and quality health foods at affordable prices has given birth to our Tree of Eternal Life. We are a newly founded organic provider, with a sincere passion for what we do. Your one-stop shop for African and Caribbean bush herbs, superfoods, and much, much more! Mirroring the success of our sister stores in Europe, the Caribbean, and Africa, our Tree of Eternal Life has been able to provide individuals access to natural products. This empowers our customers all across the United States to take a more active role in their personal health!
    • From our deodorants to teas, each one of our items is organic and always of the highest quality. Our network of all natural food suppliers prevents our customers from consuming harmful toxins or any food grown with pesticides. This enables us to provide a variety of much more nutritious options than those available in your local grocery store.

    • The Tree of Eternal Life specializes in helping its customers take holistic steps towards achieving their health goals. We always offer competitive prices and quick responses to cater to our customers. At the click of a few buttons, we would love to embark on your organic journey with you today! 
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Learn More About The Premier Supplier of the Largest Selection of African and Caribbean Products in the Upstate...

As people all over the world are beginning to increasingly emphasize adopting organic lifestyles, we too recognize how imperative it is to have a distributor that specializes in the highest standards of packaging, safety, and quality. A vast selection of items is equally important to accommodate a variety of diverse needs and diets. In terms of food, convenience oftentimes comes at the sacrifice of healthier options. What if we could seamlessly shop for healthy groceries online, while also being able to rely on an organic resource to deliver these healthy items directly to our doorstep? The Tree of Eternal Life has become a brand leader in the organic industry by doing just that! We empower each of our customers to achieve their weight goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Browse our shelves in-person or our store online to purchase the organic items you love!