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Tree of Eternal Life

Aroma Therapy Shower Steamers (Calming) Lavender

Aroma Therapy Shower Steamers (Calming) Lavender

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A customer favorite!!! We can't keep these in stock! Make your shower into the spa experience you need most that day. Need to calm down & relax? Try calming or unwind. Need to wake up & get started in the morning? Try uplifting or clear your mind. Or need to open up your airways & breathe better? Try one of our most popular headache & sinus shower bombs & our new allergy blend seasonal defense!

These are some of our customers' favorite items! Everyone loves to turn their shower into a perfect spa getaway!!!

Each bomb is a blend of the essential oils listed with them. See the ingredients picture for exact essential oil blends & their names.

Our aromatherapy shower bombs are essential oil-based, perfect for you to enjoy during every shower.

Single shower bombs in your chosen scents.

Like all bath & body products, take care, these can possibly make your shower slippery.
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