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Tree of Eternal Life

Simply Silver (Spearmint) Mouthwash

Simply Silver (Spearmint) Mouthwash

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Finally! a mouthwash that helps remineralize teeth without chemicals! nano hydroxyapatite is bio-identical to enamel so it is clinically proven to be more effective than fluoride. it has been used as the gold standard in japan since the 1980's and nasa uses it for their astronauts to help restore teeth and bone loss.

Current research shows a rising concern regarding the toxicity and long-term effects of fluoride, so that's why i wanted to created a natural alternative to the chemically laden commercial products offered on the market today. nano-hydroxyapatite not only helps to reduce sensitivity and remineralization, but is also an healthier alternative to fluoride.

Our bottles are bpa free and all products are proudly made in the usa.

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